Dear President John E. Thrasher, Student Body President Jonathan Levin, Student Senate President Ahmad Omar Daraldik, and SGA Director Danielle Morgan Acosta,

As alumni, parents, and community members of Florida State University represented by Alums for Campus Fairness (ACF-Florida State), we strongly condemn the newly-appointed Student Senate President Ahmad Omar Daraldik for his record of antisemitism.

Recently, the Jewish community discovered a trove of antisemitic rhetoric from Daraldik. In response to criticism over an instagram post of his utilizing #FuckIsrael in the caption, he shared a video condemning antisemitism while making antisemitic claims attempting to compare the treatment of Palestinians by Israelis to the treatment of Jews by the Nazis.

Jewish community members soon found that Daraldik’s website, ?A Contemporary Holocaust-Palestine, is built enitrely for supporting the premise that Zionists have learned from Nazi Germany and perfected genocide, thus creating and sustaining a “contemporary Holocaust in Palestine [that] is very similar to that of Germany.” In the “A Comparison” section of the website, Daraldik asserts the blood libel claim of organ harvesting, and he makes conspiratorial comparisons between Gaza and the concentration camps of Germany.

ACF does not question Daraldik's personal experiences or his right to free speech. Countless Israelis and Palestinians have traumatic experiences from the conflict. What we will not accept is elected leaders that spew vile antisemitism. For those of us who are descended from Holocaust survivors, it's especially painful for an elected leader at our alma mater to lie about and exploit what our families went through for Daraldik’s own political agenda. Daraldik needs to take responsibility, step down, and learn from his mistakes.

Alums for Campus Fairness (ACF) counters anti-Semitism in all its forms on campus. We call on you to ensure that Florida State University remains true to its mission by denouncing antisemitism in its many forms. Antisemitism creates a hostile environment for Florida State. University’s Jewish students and allies.

To this end, we call for:

  • Student Senate President Ahmad Omar Daraldik to step down from his position. If Daradik declines to step down, the student senate should pursue impeachment, as stipulated by Article VII Section 3 of the Constitution of the Student Body;

  • The Student Senate to affirm and recognize the internationally accepted IHRA Definition of Antisemitism;

  • A mandatory anti-racism training for student government members and other university leaders, including a session on antisemitism led by an organization or expert chosen in advisement with Hillel and other Jewish organizations on campus.

We, the undersigned as represented by ACF-Florida State, thank you for your commitment to supporting Jewish and pro-Israel students. This issue is bigger than one individual. Combating antisemitism must become a focus of our campus community. We call on you to counter antisemitism at Florida State University and take these necessary actions to ensure that Jewish students and allies are represented by their campus leadership.


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