As strong supporters of academic freedom on campus, we are deeply troubled by the recent petition in support of Professor Cornel West that promulgates West’s claims that he was denied tenure because of his attacks on Israel and Zionism.   

We stand with Harvard Hillel that is is “painful to see representatives of so many student organizations maneuvered into signing a petition that attaches itself to a long chain of demonizing anti-Jewish libels through the centuries.” As antisemitism rises on campuses across the country, we must ensure the Harvard Jewish is protected and supported.

As alumni, faculty, parents, community members and supporters of academic freedom at Harvard University, we urge you to take the following actions:

  • Issue a statement condemning the recent wave of antisemitic conspiracies and virulent anti-Zionist rhetoric that has targeted the Jewish community on campus.

We, the undersigned Harvard alumni, faculty, parents, and community members as represented by Alums for Campus Fairness, thank you for your commitment to supporting academic freedom at Harvard and urge you to stand against antisemitism on campus.