As alumni, parents, and community members of Franklin and Marshall College (F&M) represented by Alums for Campus Fairness (ACF), we are writing to thank you for condemning the “Franklin & Marshall Faculty Statement in Solidarity with Palestine.”

We thank you for your timely statement, in which you condemn antisemitism and reject the statement as inconsistent with “the views of the College or our faculty as a whole”. Now is the time for university administrations to show that antisemitism is a vile hate that divides student bodies, targets Jewish students and allies, and impedes on academic advancement.

 The leadership you have demonstrated through your statement is a crucial first step in supporting the F&M Jewish community.

To that end, we ask your administration the following:

* Formally adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism;

* Implement anti-bias training focused on antisemitism for faculty, incoming freshman, and student leaders;

* increase communication between the campus Jewish community and the administration via a working group for Jewish students, alumni, and faculty.

Sign now to thank President Altmann for her leadership at F&M!