Dear President

Carol L. Folt

We, members of Alums for Campus Fairness (ACF) at USC, are strong supporters of academic freedom and open discourse on college campuses. We are grateful to your Administration for your statement condeming the antisemitic attacks that led to Rose Ritch’s resignation as the Vice President of Undergraduate Student Government.

ACF thanks you for stating “explicitly and unequivocally that anti-Semitism in all of its forms is a profound betrayal of our principles and has no place at the university.” According to FBI hate crimes statistics, more than half of all hate crimes with a religious bias are directed at Jews, while Jews represent only two to three percent of the total US population. ACF is dedicated to combating antisemitism on college campuses. USC and its community must work together to ensure fair and open dialogue, which should not be compromised for any group, including Jewish students and their allies.

USC must act swiftly to protect Jewish students and ensure that targeted discrimination of the Jewish community will not be tolerated. While you have openly endorsed the USC Shoah Foundation's Stronger Than Hate campaign, we know that more can and should be done to protect Jewish students moving forward. We are asking you to make this new program mandatory for the students who harrassed and bullied Rose Ritch and other Jewish students.

Further, we call on USC to:

  • Develop a mandatory anti-racism training for all students, including a session on antisemitism led by an organization or expert chosen in consultation with the major Jewish organizations on campus.

  • Ensure that the orientation for all students holding USG office includes supplemental training oriented on navigating the issue of antisemitism in a position of leadership. This adaptation might best be championed by current members of USG.

We, the members of ACF, thank you for your leadership in rejecting bigotry and supporting Jewish students as part of your campus community. It is our hope, as a united alumni voice, that you will act expeditiously to ensure that our campus community remains welcoming to all students.


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