As alumni, parents, and community members of Johns Hopkins University represented by Alums for Campus Fairness (ACF-Johns Hopkins), we are deeply troubled by the recent trend of rising campus antisemitism.

On November 15th, a teaching assistant openly threatened to give Zionist students lower grades for what she claims is their support for ethnic cleansing. ACF-Johns Hopkins stands by Hillel and their statement that “[f]or Jewish students in the class to face the threat of academic punishment due to their religion or country of origin is simply wrong.” As for President Daniels’ statement, we will continue to push for accountability by his administration in the handling of the situation and we expect a swift investigation and resolution to this clear-cut antisemitic incident.

ACF-Johns Hopkins counters antisemitism in all its forms on campus. We call on you to ensure that Johns Hopkins remains true to its mission by denouncing antisemitism in its many forms. Antisemitism creates a hostile environment for Johns Hopkins’ Jewish students and allies.

To this end, we call for Johns Hopkins to:

  • Affirm and recognize the internationally accepted IHRA Definition of Antisemitism;

  • Conduct a full investigation into this teaching assistant's prior grading to ensure that she hasn't already harmed Jewish and Israeli students due to her bigoted views;

  • Develop anti-bias training for university officials and all university staff charged with teaching students, including a session specifically on antisemitism led by an organization or expert chosen in advisement with the campus Jewish community.

We, the undersigned as represented by ACF-Johns Hopkins, thank you for your commitment to supporting Jewish and pro-Israel students. This issue is bigger than one incident. Combating antisemitism must become a focus of our campus community. We call on you to counter antisemitism at Johns Hopkins and take these necessary actions to ensure that Jewish students and allies are represented by their campus leadership.

Sign this petition to urge the Johns Hopkins University administration to protect Jewish and Zionist students from grade retribution!