Month: March 2016

The controversy about Oberlin professor Joy Karega

The controversy about Oberlin professor Joy Karega

The Tower, a site focused on news and commentary about Israel and the Middle East, recently featured a post revealing that Joy Karega, an assistant professor of Rhetoric and Composition at Oberlin College, “has written and shared a series of Facebook posts claiming that Jews or Israelis control much of the world and are responsible for the 9/11 and Charlie Hebdo attacks and the rise of ISIS.” Karega’s promotion of various conspiracy theories was documented in screen shots, and it was noted that “[t]he revelations about Prof. Karega’s Facebook posts come amid growing concern that Jewish students at Oberlin are facing a rising wave of anti-Semitism. This January, the frequency of anti-Semitic events on campus spurred 225 alumni and students to form Oberlin Alumni and Students Against Anti-Semitism.”

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