Northwestern’s Committee on Preventing Antisemitism’s Latest Stunt: Host Anti-Israel Professor to Discuss…Islamophobia


March 29, 2024

Contact: Avi D. Gordon, Executive Director Alums for Campus Fairness

917-512-4585, [email protected]

Northwestern University’s so-called Committee on Preventing Antisemitism is living up to what most believed would happen: becoming an outlet for anti-Israel activists to spread their radical agenda and block recognition of antisemitism.

The committee’s most recent stunt was to host Professor Juan Cole to discuss Islamophobia. Cole has a history of spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories.

“This really isn’t a surprise given ACF highlighted in January how unserious the committee is given it’s stacked with anti-Israel activists,” said ACF Executive Director Avi D. Gordon. “It’s obvious this committee is rigged with a predetermined outcome, and nothing will change until Congress investigates or the Northwestern Board of Trustees takes real action.”

Earlier this month, Crain’s Chicago Business reported that the House Committee on Education and the Workforce is “very concerned about reports of antisemitic incidents on Northwestern’s campus.”

Crain’s also reported on a 33-page letter sent to Northwestern by two law students detailing incidents of antisemitism on campus.

In January, ACF last launched a six-figure digital and TV ad campaign calling on Northwestern President Michael Schill to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism and hold students and faculty accountable for violations of Northwestern Community Standards.

Schill and the Northwestern Board of Trustees have ignored those calls.

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