ACF-Tufts Condemns the Anti-Semitic Defacing at Tufts Hillel

February 13, 2019
Contact: Avi D. Gordon, Executive Director Alums for Campus Fairness
917-512-4585, [email protected]

ACF- Tufts Statement on the Anti-Semitic Defacing of the Tufts Hillel Building

Alums for Campus Fairness at Tufts University (ACF- Tufts) is appalled by the recent anti-Semitic incident at Tufts, in which Jewish students were targeted by posters placed at the Granoff Family Hillel Center. ACF-Tufts fully condemns this act of hate on campus.

We appreciate Tufts University President Anthony Monaco’s statement addressing this incident, and particularly the promise of a full investigation and appropriate follow up.  However, while his statement was strong, President Monaco stopped short of characterizing these posters for what they are —  they are not just general “act[s] of intolerance” but specific expressions of anti-Semitism.

ACF-Tufts is also appreciative of the statement by the Tufts Community Union Senate condemning these bigoted actions and recognizing their antisemitic nature.

ACF- Tufts calls on Tufts University and the Tufts University Police Department to continue to take necessary and appropriate action moving forward to ensure the safety of the Jewish community on campus, and for transparency regarding the investigation and conclusions reached.


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