Ben Dror Yemini on BDS

Ben Dror Yemini on BDS

The Israeli journalist and author Ben Dror Yemini has a long record of writing and speaking out about the demonization of Israel. In a recent interview with the Voice of Israel, he explained his views about BDS, arguing that fighting BDS requires not just taking on an organization or a movement, but “an atmosphere” that fosters hate against Israel.

Earlier this year, Yemini argued in an article on The intellectual terrorism of Roger Waters and BDS:

“One can compare the Nazi era and the modern day; the anti-Zionists are particularly fond of this comparison [i.e. comparing Israel to Nazi Germany]. But it should be placed in the correct context: the anti-Semitic indoctrination of those days, which was based on more and more lies, and the transformation of Jews into monsters, is no different from the brainwashing of today, which is based on more and more lies, and the transformation of Israel into a monster.”

Other recent articles on BDS by Yemini include “BDS is a threat to Israel’s very existence;” “Exposing the lies of BDS,” and “Evil spirit of BDS growing stronger in US,” where he concludes:

“We can present … surveys showing that the sympathy towards Israel is at its peak in the American public opinion. But that’s an illusion. Because there is a crawling process of change taking place in the centers of power and knowledge. The evil spirit of BDS is already controlling some of the lecturer and student organizations. Among young people, Jews and non-Jews, the support for Israel is dropping.

The regular choir will continue arguing that it’s all because of the occupation. Claims can be made against the Israeli policy. Some claims are true. But understanding or justifying the evil spirit of BDS under the excuse of ‘the occupation’ is sort of like justifying racism against black people by claiming that there are violent black people.

So the evil spirit of BDS is racism which is also infiltrating the press. And no, it’s not in the margins. It’s growing stronger.”