David Sheen Presents: Messiah Mode

David Sheen Presents: Messiah Mode



  • Emory Students for Justice in Palestine
  • Jewish Voice for Peace-Atlanta Chapter


The far right is in the ascendancy all around the globe. In Israel, factions once excoriated for being too racist even by Israeli standards have been welcomed into the halls of power by the government itself.

Why has Likud rehabilitated the most reactionary US-born rabbis and their local acolytes in the forefront of Israel’s eliminationist movement? How have their efforts to turn the whole of Israel/Palestine into a single, racially pure religious state escaped the attention of the mainstream media, for decades?

Come and hear a shocking report from inside Israeli society by the distinguished local journalist and human-rights defender David Sheen.

Time: Monday, October 28, 2019 at 6 PM – 8 PM EDT

Location: Harland Cinema