Letters To The Editor: Alumni Can Make the Difference

Letters To The Editor: Alumni Can Make the Difference

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At many elite North American colleges, Jewish students face harassment, intimidation, ostracism, and exclusion from fellow students; scorn from radical faculty; and indifference to their plight – or worse – from administrators.

This treatment largely derives from growing anti-Israel agitation on campus and an environment hostile to expression of heterodox opinion. Concerned alumni are an untapped resource that can fight these elements. Hence Alums for Campus Fairness – a new national organization whose purpose is to inform and involve alumni in fighting anti-Semitism and promote open and fair campus dialogue on the Arab-Israel conflict.

ACF already has nearly three dozen chapters nationwide, and its mere presence on campus sends a strong supportive message to students and sympathetic faculty. Readers should consult the organization’s website to see if their alma mater has a chapter.

If it doesn’t, ACF can assist in starting one. ACF is primarily directed at alumni, but students, parents, and faculty are also welcome to join. To learn more, visit www.campusfairness.org.

Richard D. Wilkins 
Syracuse, NY