Statement on Hamas Attacks in Israel

The following statement is attributed to Avi D. Gordon, Executive Director of Alums for Campus Fairness:

"While most Americans were sleeping, Israel was invaded from the land, air, and sea. These terrorists butchered at least 150 innocent men, women, and children in their homes and took dozens more hostage. We unequivocally condemn the barbaric terrorism of Hamas and all those who support this evil group. We stand in solidarity with the Israeli people on this dark day and the dark days that are sure to follow."

"Colleges and universities must make support and resources available to Israeli and Jewish students. We have sadly seen time and time again that events in Israel often spill over onto American college campuses. Campus officials should remain extra vigilant in the days ahead. Alumni should proactively contact their alma maters and make sure administrators are doing everything they can to support Jewish students during these trying times."