Statement on Mezuzah Theft at Tufts


September 10, 2021

Contact: Avi D. Gordon, Executive Director Alums for Campus Fairness

917-332-1185, [email protected]

Alums for Campus Fairness at Tufts University (ACF-Tufts) thanks President Anthony Monaco for condemning the recent antisemitic incident, in which a Mezuzah had been taken from the doorpost of a Jewish student.

We thank you President Monaco for his strong statement released yesterday and we agree that “[r]egardless of intent, the removal of this important symbol of Jewish faith is antisemitic and has caused harm.” As our recent survey has shown, antisemitism is present on far too many campuses, including Tufts. This hate divides student bodies, targets Jewish students and allies, and impedes on academic advancement.

ACF-Tufts will continue our work to counter antisemitism and ensure safe and open dialogue for all students.

About ACF: Alums for Campus Fairness (ACF) is America’s unified alumni voice on issues of antisemitism, demonization of Israel, and bigotry. With over forty-five chapters, ACF positions thousands of alumni on the front lines of key issues at their alma maters and works to ensure that universities remain pillars of open dialogue and equal opportunity for all students. For more information, please visit